List Projects: Civil Disobedience

Madeline Anderson, Gregg Bordowitz, Jem Cohen, Storm de Hirsch, Ja’Tovia Gary, Kevin Jerome Everson and Claudrena N. Harold, Barbara Hammer, Leonard M. Henny, Richard Leacock, Tara Mateik, Patricia Silva, Meerkat Media Collective, Paper Tiger Television, the Workers Film and Photo League, and Videofreex; content from long-running television series Firing Line, and media outlets such as the Associated Press, C-SPAN, and Democracy Now!, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), and Third World Newsreel.
July 18 – October 29, 2017
Images and image descriptions courtesy of MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge. Photos by Peter Harris Studio. Videos courtesy of Associated Press Archives; Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI); The Film-Makers’ Cooperative; the Hoover Institution Archives; Icarus Films; MIT Museum; MoMA Circulating Film & Video Library; Picture Palace Pictures; and Video Data Bank.

Exhibition Images and Videos

This page contains 33 images and 7 videos documenting this exhibition. 5 images contain text descriptions. Videos may contain author and title information.
  • Workers Film and Photo League of the W.I.R., The National Hunger March, 1931, film transferred to video, 11 mins 48 secs; Original Source; Courtesy MoMA Circulating Film & Video Library.
  • Paper Tiger Television, Standing Rock Women’s March, 2016, video, 3 mins 25 secs; Original Source; Courtesy Paper Tiger Television
  • Meerkat Media Collective, To Be Heard: Day #13 of the Trump Administration, 2017, video, 3 mins 18 secs; Original Source; Courtesy Meerkat Media Collective
  • Madeline Anderson, I Am Somebody, 1970, video, 29 mins 43 secs; Original Source; Courtesy Icarus Films
  • Ja’Tovia Gary, An Ecstatic Experience, 2016, video, 1 min 45 secs; Original Source; Courtesy the artist
  • C-SPAN, excerpt from live coverage of the Taxpayer March on Washington, September 12, 2009, video; Original Source; Courtesy C-SPAN
  • Paper Tiger Television, Tompkins Square Park: Operation Class Warfare on the Lower East Side, 1992, video, 34 mins 36 secs. Original Source; Courtesy Paper Tiger Television