Welcome! The Library includes more than 390,000 images, documents and videos representing more than 13,200 exhibitions, performances and other projects. If you aren’t sure what to search for, please browse material from our Founding Partners below:

In addition to every exhibition published on Contemporary Art Daily over more than 12 years, the initial Library archive is full of documentation from our 78 Founding Partners. We are hoping to grow by adding the histories of more spaces. If you’re involved with an art space and would like to share your documentation archives with us, please send us an email.
Our small team carefully inputs and then checks over every single project in the Library’s records. It’s a lot of work, and we are hoping to add a lot more information as soon as we can. The limiting factor is simple: funding. If you can, please consider becoming a member.
The Library is still new, and we'll be adding to it and changing things as we learn how people use it. If you have an idea of something we should fix or something new we should make, please let us know.