This dialogue which happened to be present in all previous dialogues

Ivan Cheng, Vijay Masharani, Alli Melanson, Libby Rothfeld, sgp
September 9 – October 31, 2021
Curated by Jonas Albro, Liza Lacroix, Sigourney Schultz

Exhibition Images and Videos

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  • Alli Melanson. The Real Trick (ft. Lode, ft. Alyssa Davis Gallery), 2021. Digital video. 00:02:51.
  • Vijay Masharani. Command | Plea, 2020. Single channel video. 00:04:00.
  • Ivan Cheng. Changing Room 4: EX-CURSES [Ouija DM], 2020. Hd video. 00:30:03.
  • Alli Melanson. Ultimate Escape Artist, 2021. Digitial video. 00:02:37.