The Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement 2021: A Goodbye Letter A Love Call A Wake-Up Song

Theo Anthony, Belkacem, Riccardo Benassi, DIS, Giulia Essyad, Hannah Black & Juliana Huxtable & And Or Forever, Simon Fujiwara, GRAU, Emily Allan & Leah Hennessey, Camille Henrot, Will Benedict & Steffen Jørgensen, Sabrina Röthlisberger, Akeem Smith, TELFAR, Mandy Harris Williams
November 12, 2021 – February 20, 2022
Co-curated by the collaborative DIS and Andrea Bellini
Images courtesy of the artists and Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva. Photos by Cynthia Mai Ammann and Quentin Touya.

Exhibition Images and Videos

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