Exhibition Images and Videos

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  • Rachel Harrison, Double Vision, 2006-2008. Wood, shelf liner, fake foliage, confetti, DVD player, projector, Harman Kardon SoundSticks, gnome bobbleheads, Simon Le Bon mirrors, plastic butterfly, latex paint, spray paint, and Frog video, color, sound, 30:00 min.
  • Georgia Sagri, Video Bag / David Hammons Toy with Egypt and Libya, 2011 Portable DVD player, DVD (David Hammons Toy, 2010, 2 min, 49 sec), headphones, leather bag on driftwood with ceramic dolphin.
  • Georgia Sagri, Video Bag / The New School for Social Research, 2013. Portable DVD player, DVD (The New School, 2013, 18 min, 22 sec), headphones, Urban Outfitters bag on steel grab bar.
  • Josh Kline, Get the look: 2009, 2012. Modified fiberglass mannequin, Barbour jacket, Levi's jeans, T-shirt, tote bag, Redwing boots, screen, media player, speakers, power strip, usb stick, video file.
  • Neïl Beloufa, Happiness, and a Screen Saver, 2012. Mixed media. Video: People’s passion, lifestyle, beautiful wine, gigantic glass towers, all surrounded by water, 2011, 10 minutes.
  • Georgia Sagri, Video Bag / Do you think I am human?, 2013. Portable DVD player, DVD (Do You Think I Am Human, 2013, 33 sec), backpack, paint.
  • Exhibition view
  • Exhibition view
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