Kunsthal Aarhus, the police station, the Botanical Garden, Radisson Blu Hotel, Scandinavian Center, Lille Torv, Aarhus

Sofia Duchovny, Richard Frater, Ditte Gantriis, Xenia Xamanek & Sophia Ioannou Gjerding, Hannah Heilmann, Henriette Heise, Ingela Ihrman, Miriam Kongstad, Peter Land, Linda Karin Larsen, Louise Lindvall, Inger Wold Lund, Pernille With Madsen, Jørgen Michaelsen, Bergman & Salinas, Maximilian Schmoetzer, Rikard Thambert, Union for Open Vocalism, Piscine (Jens Settergren, Mark Tholander & Anna Ørberg)
August 16 – September 22, 2019
Piscine (Jens Settergren, Mark Tholander and Anna Ørberg)
Images courtesy of Kunsthal Aarhus. Photos by Mikkel Kaldal. Performance photos by Malte Riis.

Exhibition Images and Videos

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  • Maximilian Schmoetzer, Not Love Alone, 2019 (excerpt)
  • Sophia Ioannou Gjerding & Xenia Xamanek, ALVA II, 2019, (trailer)
  • Piscine (Jens Settergren, Mark Tholander & Anna Ørberg), OS, 2019, 10:07
  • Linda Karin Larsen, A New Value System With Images and Symbols That Connect Us to Each Other and to The Planet: Dwell Among Water Spirits, 2019, 7:23