Closed/Paused Spaces Project

Contemporary Art Library has a special focus on opportunities to preserve corners of art history that are not guaranteed to remain in public view, in particular spaces that have closed, permanently or indefinitely, and thus may recede from public view. Some are permanently closed, while others have just been quiet lately after leaving a particular physical space. ‌

These spaces have generously shared their documentation histories with us. Most art spaces eventually close, and we want to be the trusted repository for their documentation. If you have any suggestions or leads for spaces we should be adding to our archive, please write to Nora.

1857, Oslo

247365, New York

CACBM, Paris

Cleopatra's, New York

Clifton Benevento, New York

Foxy Production, New York

Full Haus, Los Angeles

LISZT, Berlin

Mathew, New York and Berlin

New Jerseyy, Basel

Oracle, Berlin

Paradise Garage, Los Angeles

Potts, Los Angeles

Reserve Ames, Los Angeles

Sun Dogs, Paris

White Flag Projects, St. Louis